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Recipe Tea Towel | Personalized Gift Idea | Memorial Keepsake


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I wish I could share all of the wonderful stories I have received when recipes are sent to be pressed. Trust me when I say, this is such a lovely and special gift. Each tea towel can personalized with a cherished family recipe, or even a note written down in a card - making it a one-of-a-kind piece.

~ Designs are permanently pressed onto a 100% polyester towel using sublimation ink.
~ Each towel measures in at 19" x 27". The finished towel comes folded by 3 with the image of the recipe pressed on the front. The width of the towel when folded is roughly 7.5".
~ You will be able to wash, dry and iron (on a lower setting) these towels multiple times.

~ After you submit your order, please send a photo of the recipe card in an email to
~ If you wish to add a name to the top of the recipe (I.E. Great Grandma Horton's Banana Bread), then include that information in the message.
~ I will edit out and clean up any outside marks or stains. If the recipe is written on a lined recipe card, those lines may or may not show up on the finished product.

~ Make sure that the photo is in a JPG or PNG file.
~ Please ensure that the photo is straight, taken overhead and in a well lit area.
~ Photos taken on a table in front of a window is perfect. Natural lighting works best.