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I get quite a few questions throughout the week with respect to product listings and shipping information so I thought I would compile a list of the most commonly asked questions and put them all into one spot. (Psst: I'm just a message away if you have any questions that aren't listed here.) 

Question: How long have you been in business for and what made you decide to start this? Answer: I started The Craft Shoppe Canada in 2017 after getting a Cricut and a Sissix Big Shot for Christmas. I wanted to earn a little extra income while being at home with the kids. It started off as making handmade greeting cards and it sort of grew from there.

Question: Where are you located? Answer: I'm located in the Southwestern region of Ontario, Canada.

Question: I just ordered a recipe tea towel. Where do I send the recipe details? Answer: Please send your recipe information in an email to

Question: Are you able to do a custom order. I can't find what I'm looking for? Answer: I can definitely try and help depending on what you are looking to have done. Please send a message via "Contact us" at the top of my homepage and we'll chat from there.

Question: What are your processing/shipping times like and do you offer express shipping if I need my order STAT? Answer: Most of my products are made to order and while most orders can be dispatched within 1-2 days, there are some items take a little longer to make. I do offer upgraded shipping options if you need your order sooner than later.

Question: How can I reach you if I have questions/concerns about my order? Answer: Customer service is very very important to me. If you find your order hasn't arrived in a suitable timeframe, or you have any other concerns related to your order, then please send a message via "Contact Us" on my homepage, or you can send an email to

Question: I live in the U.S., how long will it take for my order to ship from Canada? Answer: For orders shipped within Canada, it usually takes anywhere between 3-7 business days. For orders shipping to the U.S., it usually takes anywhere between 7-10 business days. **During holidays such as Christmas, delivery times can and usually are busier so add on extra time during the months of November/December.

Question: I have noticed that you only ship within North America, are you looking to add more countries to that list? Answer: I am looking at opening things up to ship to different countries within Europe but each country has different rules and regulations surrounding shipping etc so I'm doing my research on that as we speak.

Question: Are you able to handle a larger, bulk order if necessary? Answer: Absolutely! I have completed a number of larger custom orders in the past. All I ask is for time to pull the order together - especially if it's a custom order request.