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This is where I'm at in life! If I have a couch, and a good book waiting for me then this pillow is coming out to ward off invites to go out :)

- Send off to a friend as a funny addition to a birthday gift.
- Keep them in your purse to quickly pull out when someone asks if you have plans.
- These make excellent pin cushions for a sewing/craft room
- Cross stitch pattern was created using Stitchly.
- They are made to order and have a 2-3 day processing time.

- Each pillow measures in at 4.5"x4.5".
- Each pillow is hand stitched onto Aida cloth with cotton fabric on the back.
**The backing for each pillow is subject to change (based on availability) but will match closely with the photo.

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Pin Cushion Collection

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